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We ask that articles submitted be thought provoking, informative, and well supported. Documentation is key! Opsec News is a conduit to reach people all over the world, and provide news that they might not hear from the mainstream/corporate media, or anywhere else.


With the Internet at our fingertips, things are changing.  We are in an information age. The individual’s knowledge based exploration is limited only by their ability to access data and share their findings with others.  The Internet is a great tool for this. It allows the individual to be their own investigative journalist. Opsec News provides you with the ability to share your discoveries with the world.

We at Opsec News believe journalism should be more than entertainment, and noteworthy information about recent or important events. It should expose the unknown with an intelligent impartial perspective. It should inspire the individual to think critically. Investigative journalism must look at the totality of the circumstances. It must ask the questions, who, what, where, when, why, and how… What do witnesses say? What does the evidence (Both physical and circumstantial) show? Who stands to gain? Who had the ability? Is there relevant history to consider? Is there interference in the investigation? Can Modus Operandi (MO) be identified? Through proper research and investigation the hypothesis will be supported by the totality of the information available. The story should be put to the test, the conclusion strong, and the results shared.

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